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Art and design events in Kansai 2013

May many art events are going to be held
in Osaka and around Kansai this summer and autumn.
Here are some of them.


20th, 21st July / Osaka

20th Jul - 18th Aug / Osaka

20th Jul - 1st Sep
  5th Oct - 4th Nov / around Seto Inland sea

14th Sep - 24  Nov / Mount Rokko

1st Oct - 1st Dec / Kobe

To find more, visit KANSAI ART BEAT.

Enjoy your art trip!

HOSTEL 64 Osaka



Good deal ticket in Osaka and Kansai!

For the traveling in Japan, Japan Rail pass is the one of the best deal pass.
If you come to Osaka, Kyoto or Nara is not the worth to use it ,because the cities is really close to Osaka.
This is the good deal in Osaka and Kansai area

3 straight days ticket  5,000 yen, 2 choosing days ticket 3,800 yen
All Kansai area is covered except JR line. some of the facilities have discount.

One day for 2,000 yen all Osaka area except JR line.
Osaka castle(600 yen), Ferris wheels in Umeda(500 yen)
Some facilities have discount.

Week day for 800 yen, Weekend and National holidays are 600 yen.
Osaka Municipal Subway, New Tram, City Bus are available.
The National Museum of Art, Osaka have a half price discount.(210 yen)


This ticket includes:
- Unlimited ride on the Kintetsu Railway and Iga Railway - vaild for 5 days
- 3 vouchers for Kintetsu limited express 

Kanku Chikatoku Kippu
Convenient and good value for your trip between Kansai Airport and Osaka city!

These are price of one way ticket and the time from HOSTEL 64 Osaka

・Kyoto(Hankyu Kawaramachi) 620 yen (70 min)
・Nara(Kintetsu) 740 yen (50 min)
・Koyasan(Nankai) 1,430 yen(2 hours)
・Kobe(Hanshin) 490 yen (50 min)
・Himeji(Hanshin and Sanyo) Castle is under restoration 1,430 yen (2 hours)
・Kansai International airport(Nankai)1,090 yen (70 min)

Once you buy the pass, you don't need to look for the coins to the vending machine!



Hostel 64 Osaka 3rd Anniversary!!

Hostel 64 Osaka will be 3 years old on 16th of March ☆:::

We will be having a big party to celebrate this annual day!
with a lot of appreciation for everyone who loves us :)))

3rd Anniversary of HOSTEL 64 Osaka
date: 3/16(sat) 13:30~22:00
at: HOSTEL 64 Osaka (access)

****64 picnic in Shinmachi****
Front desk, Momo-san, will navigate you in shinmachi, hostel's nearby.
It is 2hours exploration of hided places in this shinmachi area. 
You might find something new Osaka have never known before!!

start :HOSTEL 64 Osaka Lobby.
fee: free (need a reservation)
Email us with your "full name" and "email address" if you would like to join!

****Talk show****<*in Japanese*sorry>
With the spread of the SNS, people over the world became closer 
and then the rise of LCC,it has been more convenient to meet in a face.
Now what has been changing or expecting in an creative scene?

****3rd annual Party ****
at:HOSTEL 64 Osaka lobby.
*Free beverages and foods are available. (over when run out)

Please join us and cerebrate the anniversary with us!
We are all looking forward to welcoming you all:::



Exhibition [ ILO TO ITO TEN ] @ HOSTEL 64

Exhibition starts in our lobby floor from 1st - 11th February 2013!

Exhibition Hostel 64 Osaka
 ILO TO ITO TEN by iloitoo
Handworks&people from Guatemala
2013/2/1 (Fri)- 2/11(Mon)
15:00 - 23:00 (Fri, Sat ~25:00) ☆cafe&bar opens
at Hostel 64 Osaka Lobby
3-11-20 Shinmachi, Nishi-Ku, Osaka City googlemap

Special Events +more stories' updated soon*

▲ 2/2 (Sat) Special Party / 19:00~23:00
 Opening party! shearing Guatemala foods, drinks and people!
 participation fee:1,500yen
*hostel guests fee: 500yen

▲ 2/3 (Sun) Talk&Demonstration / 15:00~17:00
 Talk & Guatemala textile dyeing demonstration by Toshie Hoshino <textile dyeing artist> 

▲ 2/10 (Sun) Cinema cafe / 20:00~22:00
 Movie presentation, story of Middle south america.
  Entrance free < 1 drink order required >

▲ 2/11 (Mon) Work Shop / 15:00~17:00
 Making belt from Guatemala fabrics & tanned leather.

▲ 2/11 (Mon) Nail cafe / 16:30~22:00
 「Yocchan's nail cafe」 special guatemala version.

-ilo itoo- 
"iloitoo" is an original goods label established in March 2011 by two japanese girls from Fukuoka, Japan.
They are attracted to Guatemala, of its nature, people and beautiful hand working fabrics, then started their business with local women.
Their manufacturing is collaborating with group of native Guatemalans, and
those colorful productions' main motive is "simple goods for generations"


Beautiful productions and people are coming in Hostel 64!
We all excited for this opportunity that products, cultures and people
from different places, will be gathering as an event in this hostel 64 Osaka!
Even everyday the hostel is the gathering spot of all over world,
this time we would like to focus on this assembledge very well and 
enjoy it very very much ;)
So would you like to join us?
*please contact us if you are interested ;)



Exhibition < Machidanona > @ HOSTEL 64

New exhibition will be held on this weekend at hostel !!

New Exhibition   < <  photo and poem > >
DATE : 16th (fri.) to 25th (sun.) Nov. 2012
PLACE : HOSTEL 64 Osaka , lobby floor
TIME : 3pm - 11pm / - 1am (fri. and sat.)      
          * during cafe and bar open

ARTIST : Yoshinori Henguchi | 辺口芳典
He is a poet , express his original prospect of the street&people with "Japanese words" and "instant camera" as his poetic tools. Recently he had joined in ANTI FOTO Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany as a guest artist. 

His new book 「LIZARD TELEPATHY FOX TELEPATHY」will be released on next spring in USA.

This exhibition is a part of the Machi Tatemono Renovation Exhibition by Arts&Crafts.

Don't miss it ! `-`


introduce new hostel staff

Hi, my name is Ryosuke, a new front staff of HOSTEL64 Osaka.

I was Born and grew up in Osaka,Sakai City.

I like travelling, playing soccer,listening music,
and  hiking.

Now,the foliage season has arrived again in Japan.
This year's season will be from mid October to early December in the Kansai area.

I'd like to introduce  many spots to see autumn leaves
and you can get those places unless an hour from HOSTEL 64 Osaka.

I'm looking forward to see you here,HOSTEL 64 Osaka!!



Shirahama and other beach around Osaka.

Last month, I took a trip to Nanki Shirahama.
Nanki Shirahama is in Wakayama prefecture, next to Osaka.

There's nice, relaxing atmosphere and the sea foods are so yummy!
Shirarahama beach is surrounded with white sands,
which is not large but very beautiful!

Other than the beach, there are lots to see.
One of my favorite was Sandan-jiki and its cave. Such a mysterious place.
Sandanbeki Dokutsu cave

Please get more info at the visitors information center in JR station.

JR TRAIN : from JR Tennoji to Shirahama / about 5,000yen / 2hours
HIGHWAY BUS : from JR Osaka or OCAT(Namba) / 2,700yen / 3.5hours
Tourists information


From our hostel, the nearest beach is SUMA.
It is near Kobe. After the beach, you can go around the city.

from JR Osaka to Suma  /  690yen  /  40min
Tourists information (Kobe)

Summer is almost its end and hurry to the beach!



Gallery Hopping Osaka!

My gallery hopping started in Sakyo- Ku, Kyoto. Naomi-chan gave me a tip that Nakamura Akihiro’s Exhibition was going to be held at Café Printz, Sakyo-Ku. So I decided to check his new work with a lot of expectation :)

Nakamura san came back from NY trip this early spring. His experience in abroad must be positively affected to his new works. Very powerful! ( Some of you might know but I need to confess that was not Osaka. Sumimasen. )

Then, few days after, I met a young cute japanese illustrator Pepe.Y at hostel 64. She had stayed with us for a while. 
Pepe-chan has been attracted by printings, letters and paper materials. And the passion lead her to Berlin for craving some special printing techniques (Sorry for my blurry explanation. I am not good enough to describe every detail! Frustrating. ) 
Luckily, She said her Exhibition was just going to start on a day after. So, I was there.

She did a live painting demonstration.

You can check her works till 24th July at Prideli Graphic Lab in shinsaibashi.

And the same day that I met Pepe.Y, I had a chance to talk to Mr, H at our lounge, and knew He does his exhibition “Paper & Mockup” too. Well, I thought I needed to be there definitely!!

It was held at “Graf Fudo” ,2nd floor of the graf bldg. “Graf fudo” is generally running as a café but they have some space for exhibit.

This “Paper & Mockup” is about the material & models. Focus on the material and model of published books. You can see some collection of mockups of book-models (without printing) from some known publishers. So you might find a white model of your favorite book. The exhibition is finishing on 17th June.

Graf is in Nakanoshima, 20~30min walk from hostel64, there is near Kokuritsu kokusai museum. This building has 3 floors, you can buy graf's original products and lots of plants on 1st floor, and eat at Graf fudo 2nd floor, then developing new furniture on the 3rd floor would be nice way to live like edgy Osaka people.

Gallery printz.
Prideli Graphic Lab.

( j )


How about going to ONSEN hot spring in rainy season?!

The rainy season, known as Tsuyu in Japan, will begin soon here in Osaka.
Sometimes the weather is nice even in this season, it does not rain all the time.

To enjoy traveling around Osaka in this season, how about going to ONSEN nearby?! Onsen is, as you know, hot spring, which is nice to relieve your tired body during your trip.

The best hot spring resort around Osaka is Arima Onsen in Kobe-city, Hyogo.
It is just an hour and 1,330yen oneway from Umeda (Osaka) station
to the middle of Arima onsen by Hankyu bus.

You don't need to stay a night,
as there are some one-day hot spring places
for about 600 - 1,000yen for taking a bath,
and about 3,000 - 7,000yen with lunch.
My recommendation is GOSHOBO
with retro and modern flavor.

Also you will enjoy the nature and the old small
town with nice restaurants, souvenir shops there.

> Take a look of Arima onsen one day trip by one of Our staff Jun.

In Osaka-city, there are also some Onsen spots.
One is SPA WORLD in the middle of city center, where you can enjoy many kinds of hot spring.
They offer 1,000yen campaign oftern... or almost always.

Another is NOBUTA NO YU, which is about 30min from the hostel by subway.
There are chartered bath rooms with a small sitting space for a family for about 4,000yen/hour.

We are happy to help your ONSEN experience here!

Arima Onsen :
Hankyu Bus :
Goshobo :
Spa World :
Nobuta no yu :