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Osaka Visitors' Information Center

It's pretty cold in Osaka.It's been unseasonably cold here.
I think it's difficult to wear Indian saris for party because of this strong wind.
My friend will wear a sari tomorrow,so she will be in trouble.

I'm going to change the subject.
Do you know the Osaka Visitor's information Center?

You can see it in JR Shin-Osaka Station,JR Osaka Station,
Subway/Nankai Namba Station and JR Tennoji Station.
The center offers you maps written in English,Korean and Chinese.
I got a lot of those,and put them in the hostel64.

OSAKA INFO is also helpful for your exploring Osaka.

But you know,I also recommend you Osaka's deep & underground Osaka places.
So please come to our hostel,and get information about them.