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Setouchi Art Festival!

I sometimes go to see Sunrise in Seto Inland sea which is West side of Osaka.
Beautiful Islands stays in the sea and may fisherman works there from old days.
So there are still a lot of fisherman's village and nice seafood.
Recommend place to stay and enjoy Japanese seafood.

And From July 18th to October 31st, the Setouchi Art Festivals opens at beautiful Islands.
The Pumpkin picture below is in Naoshima which is famous as "Art Island"
one of the site in the Festival.

The Setouchi Art Festival is in July 19th to October 31st.
@Seven Islands in Seto Inland sea and Takamatsu.

From Osaka, Take JR line to Nearest port town of Islands.
Here is the detail of access
Osaka to Takamatsu port and Uno port
Port to Islands by Ferry
Don't miss it!