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Taste MINOH beer at HOSTEL 64!

Now MINOH beer, which won many international awards, has come in!
Don't miss this chance to taste it!

MIHOH is a place famous for its nature and the monkeys living in the area.
And in this summer, they have a lot of events there.
The one I really recommend is the MINOH KAWAYUKA.

On every weekend in July and August, KAWAYUKA (or KAWADOKO) will appear there.
KAWAYUKA is a kind of deck which restaurants and cafes make up on river to serve you drinks and meal on. It is one of summer features in Japan, especially in Kyoto.

You can get to MINOH for 1 hour by train from center of Osaka.
Ask at the front desk for more information ;)

Have some fun in MINOH or HOSTEL 64 with the beer!