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Guggenheim House in Kobe

There is an area called James Yama in Kobe. Yama means a hill here.
Almost 80 years ago,  James, a British merchant, established more than 60 houses
for foreign families on a hill in Kobe, which came to be named James Yama after him.

Within that area, there is a remarkably fancy residence called Guggenheim House,
which used to be a German merchant's house, obvious from its name though.

This Guggenheim House is now owned by Durt Morimoto Yasuyo, a stained glass artist,
and sometimes used as a venue for music live.
The event schedule can be checked at their blog. Although it is written only in Japanese,
I believe you can imagine what it is like from the English description in places.
 Most of them are shows of world-wide music.

This house is placed about 15 min from center of Kobe by train.
If you are interested in Japanese music shows and old foreign residence in Japan,
have a visit to Kobe!