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I was in Okinawa !

I was in Okinawa last week, and visited Naha, Ginowan, Chatan, Itoman and Zamami island.I just wanted to swim in the sea and look beautiful sunset over the sea.But days in Okinawa were much better than expected. Every day was very special for me. Nature, people, Sanshin-music, weather and food......hmm I remember....want to go back there!
Ginowan and Chatan are located close to American Army base and I visited there. I looked up and saw many small planes for American armies while I swim in sea.Such view was strange for me. Itoman has a peace memorial museum and I visited there, too. Zamami-island is a very beautiful island in Kerama island chain and it was my favorite place in Okinawa.


Especially, Okinawa people were very warm and relaxing, and I liked it a lot. I met a man who is over 60 years old in small Izakaya. He was a famous Sanshin musician and played and sang Okinawa old song for me. And then me and other people danced with Sunshin music. It was very peaceful and I was really impressed.