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Confidence of Underground in the Depertoment Store

Japanese"Depachika"means not only the B1 floor of the department store but also the special nice food court area there.
Thousand of real fine foods and sweets are over there, and you can buy them for a souvenir.
It is different from the general souvenir shops in the airport.  

This is one of the Depachika. (Image)

Osaka has 2 popular Depachika, one is located near JR Osaka Station and the other Nankai Namba Station.
Kita area(JR Osaka)
Hanshin Depertment Store  Open hour Mon,Tue 10-20:30 Wen-Sat 10-21 Sun 10-20

Minami(Nankai Namba)
Takashimaya Depertment Store Open hour 10-20 everyday
(It is on the way to Kansai Airport ! if you take Nankai Line. Duty free information is in the Link)

Go B1 floor ! Just lookiing is also fine.

By the way, Meaning of "Depa"is Department, "Chika"is Underground.