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HATSU-MOUDE ---a Japanese New Year's custom

Many Japanese people visit a shrine during the first three days of January 
in order to make traditional New Year's wishes for health and happiness.
Some people take OMIKUJI there, a kind of fortune telling paper.

It is also common to visit a shrine at midnight on New Year's Eve, 
31st December, because you can listen to a bell ringing to announce the New Year, 
and also makea wish as soon as the date is changed to 1st January next year.
In a large shrine, there are lots of stalls for foods, drinks and charms, 
so it is like a festival in a way.

Here are some options you have in Osaka-city.
(sorry all the sites are Japanese only)

one of the biggest shrine in Osaka city.
more than 2million people visit this traditional place for Hatsu-moude.

also one of the biggests in Osaka city, famous for Tenjin festival.
close to the longest shopping street Tenjinnbashi-suji Shotengai.

near to the hostel, within walking distance.
interesting event will be held on the eve  >>details

Another custom, we eat SOBA; Japanese noodle made of buckwheat 
on New Year's eve, wishing to live a long healthy life like the noodle.

Please ask us at the front desk if you are interested in 
how to spend days and nights around New Year's day ;-)