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Ski trip Japan! (Osaka to Hakuba, Niseko)

This winter has lots of snow in Japan! Good powder snow. Don't miss it!

Hakuba(Nagano) is one of the biggest ski areas in Japan,
where 1998 Olympic Nagano took placed in.
I sometimes go there and enjoy skiing and snowshoe hiking.
Very good place to recommend. 
Nice Japanese nostalgic lodging also there. 

It is just between Tokyo and Osaka. You can get there by Shinkansen, rent-a-car and bus.
If you come to Osaka, take a bus trip to there.
Bus info (Please translate by Google translate. the site is only Japanese)
The bus usually have some availability on weekdays.
ASK the HOSTEL 64 staff at the front desk.
Nice hot springs with monkeys(Jigokudani hot springs near Nagano)



                   Feel so good♪

Niseko is the biggest ski grounds in Japan.
The powder snow around you makes you ski or snowboard bum!
From Kansai(Kobe), it might be better to take an air plane to there.
Skymark Airlines has a reasonable ticket. 
Air ticket info 

Some nice tours including accommodation are available at Niseko Ski Tour


It's time to go riding !!

Bargain info for the snow equipment in Osaka! buy one at a reasonable price.