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What to eat in Osaka (1) --Okonomi, Takoyaki, Kushikatsu

Food is one of the most important things in traveling,
especially here in Osaka.
Osaka is called Kuidaore town ; Kui = eat, Daore = fall down.
You'll know the meaning once you come here.

Here are some local foods that you must try in Osaka.

This is like a pancake, but not sweet. It contains chopped cabbage
and usually pork or seafood, and special sauce is put on it.
It is served on  a cast-iron plate just in front of you so that you can
always enjoy the hot hot Okonomi.
options: Modern-yaki (with fried noodle within Okonomi), Negi-yaki (green onions take place in cabbage and soy sauce is put on)

Octopus ball is its English name. It is a small ball made with flour and
boiled octopus is inside of it. Served with Special sauce and some Japanese flavor on.
Go to Dotonbori area, and you'll find many stalls that sell Takoyaki.

A stick of bite-sized meats, veges and anything, deep-fried in batter.
Put it in a pod of sauce in front of you, here DON'T put it twice in the
sauce as it is shared with other customers.
For Kushikatsu, the best place is Shinsekai area.

With a bottle of beer and one of these, it's not too much to call it a great day.