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Ski trip Japan! (JR Pass from Osaka)

Ski season has come!
If I could have a JR pass for 7days(28,300yen), I would like to make a plan like this below.

1st day : Kansai airport to Osaka city center
It is just 890yen for Nankai line directly from KIX to Namba,
better not to validate JR pass, and enjoy Osaka for some days and nights.

1st day and 2nd day with JR pass :
Take JR line From Osaka to Hakuba(Nagano), and enjoy skiing and Hot springs.

3rd day :
From Hakuba to Nagano by bus (1h, 1,500yen enable for JR pass) 
visit Zenkoji temple in Nagano, then head for Tokyo.

4th and 5th day :
Stay in Tokyo to enjoy one of the biggest metropolitan area.
Also you can go Nikko or Mt. Fuji area for a day trip with the pass.

6th day
Take JR shinkansen from Tokyo to Hiroshima(Miyajima) to see
the shrine in the sea, or memorial park.

7th day
Back to Kansai Area(Kyoto) and stay the night at the most beautiful city in Japan,
then back to HOSTEL 64 Osaka
After those days,  you don't need to have JR pass to look around Kansai Area.
(From Osaka, less than an hour to Nara, Kyoto and Kobe, and it costs 500 yen or so) 

The total transportation cost without JR pass will be about twice higher
than holding JR 7days pass.

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