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Ume season has come! enjoy plum trees in full bloom

It is well known that the view of Sakura, the cherry blossoms 
in full bloom is so beautiful in spring time in Japan.
But before that, we can also enjoy Ume, the Japanese plum 
(apricot) trees in full bloom.

I like this round shape of flowers and also the faint 
fragrance when walking through the trees.

There are some viewing spots in Osaka.
We can enjoy the view from now for the early flowering
until mid March for late bloomings.

on one line from our hostel 

Banpaku Park ( Expo'70 Commemoraive Park )
enjoy the combination of the tower of sun and plum trees

Osaka Tenmangu ( Tenjinsan )
Ume matsuri festival from 8th to 28th February @500yen

Don't miss a glass of plum wine (Ume-syu) ;)

There are many viewing spots around Osaka as well in Nara, Kyoto, 
Hyogo and Wakayama. Please ask us at the front desk for more info.