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Do you belive palm reading??

Not many foreigners and travelers go to Ishikiri which is located in east Osaka near by Nara, but the place is very nice to visit for everyone. Very local and you can see many Osaka people there. Also there are lots of Yatai which are food stalls.

I went to see a woman who could read my palm with my friends, because the area is famous for many fortune-tellers. I don't believe fortune-telling very much so it was just for fun, but chirognomy was interesting than expected because it's statistics. And it cost only 500yen. You can choose many kinds of fortune-telling. I noticed no young people like us were there. It's cheap and many things to do for young people, so that was strange.

Ishikiri-Tsurugiya Shirine   http://www.osaka-info.jp
Access from our hostel to Ishikiri (25minutes by train)  http://www.hyperdia.com

Enjoy it!