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JR pass info for New Shinkansen (Go Yakushima!)

Mizuho, Tsubame, Sakura are the names of Kyusyu Shinkansen, it is extended to Kagoshima from Osaka directory on March 12th.

So, It might add an opportunity to visit Yaku Island, which is the world nature heritage of UNESCO.
I visited there 2003, and enjoy trekking and swimming  among such a beautiful atmosphere.
One of the most beautiful places in Japan. and also you can see the unforgettable sunset from the beach which is the egg-laying site of sea tattles.  

It takes almost one day by Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) and the ferry from Kagoshima.

From Osaka 
Take a Sakura to Kagoshima-chuo station or Hikari (Another name of Shinkansen) to Hakata then change to Sakura to Kagoshima-chuo. (Mizhuho is not available for JR pass same as Nozomi)
Take a local train or taxi to the ferry terminal to Yakushima.

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