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What to eat in Osaka (2) -- Yakiniku, Udon noodle, Yoshoku

After enjoying the basics of Osakan foods, let's rock to the next stage.

If you feel like to try another dish, having had enough okonomi, takoyaki
and kushikatsu, there are still some you'd better to taste in Osaka.

It is difficult to explain, so please see the picture below.
It is grilled beef and pork, and we enjoy cooking it by ourselves.

It is sometimes called as Korean BBQ, so if you try Yakiniku in Osaka, 
please go to Tsuruhashi area, which is known as a Korean town.

There are many choices for this Udon noodle.
Osakan udon is comparatively soft and smooth noodles in soup made from 
seaweed and bonito flakes. Sanuki udon's noodle is thicker and more chewy. 
Sometimes in soup, and sometimes sprinkle with soy sauce.
Haikara Udon at the nearest Udon restaurant 
This is Western dishes arranged for Japanese, like curry and rice, croquettes, 
hamburger steak, rice omelet and so on. To make distinguish those from 
authentic western cuisine, we call them Yoshoku. 
Because it became popular in early Showa period, many Yoshoku restaurants
have retro and, at the same time, ritzy flavor in a way. In Osaka, there are 
many famous Yoshoku restaurants. 

There are lots you must try to eat in Osaka! If you are a foodie, this is a place for you.