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Very cool event CRAZY CRIMERS 2 finished at the beginning of January in a big gallery/contemporary art space -CASO- in Osaka. Many graffiti artists made their works in the space and most of the painters are from Osaka. It is a crying shame that all works had been painted white after this event finished. Osaka has a big graffiti culture but it's a little-known because graffiti works in streets are erased by the city as soon as painted.

But they won't be erased at this event below. ↓↓
///Osaka Canvas Project/// (Sorry this website is only in Japanese)
23 works including graffiti will go on display all around public places in Osaka.
It starts on 12th March and might be continued for a while.  Artists are click here.
You might find some works during your trip in Osaka, enjoy it at that time !