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The art exhibition "Kula" by Masataka Kurose starting 7th July @hostel64

An ambient painting exhibition will be held in HOSTEL 64 Osaka 
this summer. This is the initial art exhibition for us and 
the kick-off artist is Masataka Kutosea painter based in Osaka. 
In additional to the exhibition, the music live show is planned 
at the reception party. Please visit us during this special occasion.

flyer work-mini.jpg

Kula ---Kurose Masataka Exhibition
Webisite: http://symposion.seesaa.net/
facebook:   *please "attend"!

7th July thu. - 8th Aug mon. ,2011
15:00 - 22:00 (- 24:00 on fri. and sat. )
HOSTEL 64 Osaka (Lobby and Rooms)
*the works in each room are exclusive to the guests stay in the room only

"what is Kula?""why in a hostel?"etc...
for your questions, visit here.

Kula Party (the reception party / live show)
special web site: http://n11s1.sakura.ne.jp/kulaparty/

9th July thu.  18:00/Open 19:00/Start
HOSTEL 64 Osaka (Lobby)
acts: Nishikawa Bunsho (Osaka. gule Disk/Kakitsubata/Brazil etc)
     Suda Nobuto (Kyoto. Tobira Records etc)

::: From our staff na-o, the organizer :::

My first encounter with works of Kurose-san was those 
two fliersof club events at Namba ROCKETS below. 
I was a university student at that time and happy to put 
them on my fridge in the room of my own.

I had had no idea that the artist who sent us a request 
for an exhibition in our hostel was the same one as of
my favorite fliers, which flipped me out! 
The more I see his paintings, the more I am attracted to them.
No wonder that I am really excited with supporting this 
exhibition, and looking forward to it by myself.
Hope you visit us and enjoy his works.