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Fireworks Event in Osaka and Kansai!

Japanese Summer needs Fireworks and Outdoor festival.!
It is going to take place on many citys and towns.
Watching fireworks with beer and Takoyaki(Osaka local snack) is
the best one to spend the night of Japanese summer!

【Osaka 】
Jul 25th Tenjin Matsuri Festival 
Aug 6th Naniwa Yodo River Fireworks

【North Osaka】
Aug 8th Bentensyu  Fireworks Festival(Ibaraki)
Aug 20th Inagawa Fireworks Festival

【South Osaka】
Aug 1st PL Fireworks Festival(Tondabayashi)

Aug 6th Minato-Kobe Fireworks Festival

July 30th Himeji-Kou Fireworks Festival

There will be a lot of people and stalls. have a fun with Japanese summer festival!