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Arigato from Tohoku!! (Yoko's Miyagi report.)

The Tsunami hit Tohoku on 11 March.
Many tourists were stucked in Japan, our guests weren't the exception. . .
They were hanging around the lobby most of the times didn't know what to do. 
This might be the reason we hung a piece of white linen sheet up outside by the front door, started asking people to write their messages to people in Tohoku.
Another few month went by, the sheet got full of warm thoughts in many different languages.
"hang in there." 
"we are always with you"

That was about to cheer the victims up, but perhaps also worked on ourselves too.

So I decided to go and visit them with my three good friends and our sheet,
all got in a tiny old ban and took us about a day to get to Shizugawa Minamisanriku-cho, Miyagi prefecture.
Now, It's on the wall of school hall of Shizugawa high-school where the victims live.
When I translated those
English messages,
They made deep nods. 
They talked little but had 
gentle smiles.

I wish I could read other languages too but, I am sure their heart can read any languages.

During our visit I had been given thousand of words "Arigato".
But I should thank them millions of times for the smiles and huge power they gave me.

And I just would like to say that Arigato to you for coming all the way to Japn. 

About 90000 people are still evacuating as moved to other prefectures, living in school halls, hotels , public halls, temporary houses, with radiation concerns..
I haven't managed to get best way to support them..
But maybe, to remember them is always you can do and anywhere you are.

Pray for Tohoku.

After I wrote this blog, end of August.
All the people in Shizugawa high-school hall moved to temporary houses.
I'm going to see them again.