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Abandoned Japan, Nagasaki Gunkan Island.

The title I wrote is sounds like the movie about Japan in the future,
but hope to not.
Last week, I went to hiking Mt Rokko Kobe,
I saw an abandoned hotel on the hill. Even though it is ruined,
the building still have something. a sense of existence. I felt.

The hotel is called Maya Kankou Hotel from 1920's.
It couldn't exist as a hotel many years because of non accessible by car.
Japan had been had motorization era since then.
However, some photographers or artists focus on those buildings.
Ironically it might be more artistic than before.
Someone's blog shows a lot of photos of ruined buildings

One of the famous island called "Gunkanjima"in Nagasaki.
The tour operating a year round. looks like Alcatraz Island in the US.

     coal mining island. 5000 people were living there.
     It was a maximum population density area in the world.

Some of the ruined buildings still have an atmosphere of existence,
The history of the buildings makes them more having air of substance.
Most of the reason they were gone is the situation of economics has changed.   
I like to think about the history about it and image the scene of the time the buildings
had been alive with standing in the front of there.

From Osaka I recommend "Imujima"Island which was the remains of a copper refinery.

You can enjoy the museum over there with nice warm whether in Seto inland sea area,