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Let's rock with the Osaka Field Trip!

Osaka field trip is the one of the best Osaka book I have ever read.
There are unique shops and restaurants information of Osaka
which does not just introduce the image of Osaka such as flashy neon signs, comedians etc.
And also it is the 300 yen only! Many of our guests buy this book and go to their field trip!

I really like the concept of this book's project.
"Rediscover Osaka Original"
The usual media image of Osaka is of somewhat tacky place with flashy neon...
A field trip of rediscovery to Osaka Original. We found hints in the words of 
Osaka shopkeepers whose popularity extends far beyond Osaka.
They don't suck up to the existing Osaka image, nor deliberately give off 
anti-Osaka airs.
They simply create space by themselves with a sense they believe in,
and open it up for people who can share the feeling.

Some of the guest have bought it and bring their country for the souvenir. 
And after few month later the other guest bring the one for the Osaka trip.
The book travels the world.

One of our staff write the blog of introducing Osaka music.
We hope to introduce real Osaka such as this blog for guests.

Buy one at the front desk and make your Osaka field trip!