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Akihiro Nakamura and HOSTEL 64 Osaka present "ROOM 33"

It has been four months since the exhibition "Kula" by Masataka Kurose ended last summer in HOSTL 64 Osaka.

Now, the next event is going to be held on Christmas Eve in our hostel, room 33. Other than Christmas parties, many Japanese people like to have BONENKAI, literally meanig .......... "forget-the-past-year party".
This upcoming event, which we name "ROOM 33", can be a sort of this.

Let's have a talk together, listen to good music and eat yum foods surrounded by the walls filled with the unique photo-collage works in room 33.


Akihiro Nakamura and HOSTEL 64 Osaka present
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DATE   24th Dec sat, 2011
OPEN HOURS   13:00 - 17:00  *music show is closed at 15:00
PLACE   HOSTEL 64 Osaka, Room 33
               * Check in at the reception on the 2nd floor
               * Access : google map

1,000yen (with 1 drink) *500yen (with 1 drink) after 15:00

Exhibition / Akihiro Nakamura
Music show /
    Yoshinori Henguchi (Kuromegarou)
    Koushirou Hino (Talking Dead Goats"45 . bonanzas)
    Tomohito Matsumoto
   ○Kissa Tape○ (King Benny Park)
Food / Naoto Mizobe (Kuromegarou)


Let's enjoy together ! :>