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Hiking day trip from Osaka

Spring has come and also it is hiking season !
If you would like to see natures near city for a day trip,
I recommend these place.
Doesn't need special mountain equipment, just enjoy hiking.

Surrounded by a thick forest of massive cedars, the area known as Okuno-in,
The approach to get there, hundreds of stone statues are standing
in line of both sides.
You will hear the sound of silence,when you walk there in the early morning.
You have a fun in Osaka then take some Zen meditation session at there to relax.

Mt. Yoshino is well known from old times for the best cherry blossom site.
It covers all over the mountain paths around 8 kms,
from the north end to the south of Omine Renzan mountains.
It is also a base of Omine spiritual mountain walk for decipliants.
A path between Yoshino-Omine and Yuya
is called Omine Okukudou and is still used for religeous training.

+++Mt. Rokko+++
March 17th flea market on the mountain!
It is the gorgeous view place in the Rokko mountain.
You can also enjoy hiking.
There is a rope-way and cable car from Kobe(JR Rokkomichi station).

http://www5.ocn.ne.jp/~tenpo45/ (Tenpozan Mountain club in Japanese)
If you have climbed up Mt. Fuji as highest in Japan,
might need to go another challenge.
Japanese Lowest mountain in Osaka. take rental bicycle from HOSTEL 64,
then few seconds walk to the top. Near Osaka Kaiyukan aquarium.

Enjoy outdoors!