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Gallery Hopping Osaka!

My gallery hopping started in Sakyo- Ku, Kyoto. Naomi-chan gave me a tip that Nakamura Akihiro’s Exhibition was going to be held at Café Printz, Sakyo-Ku. So I decided to check his new work with a lot of expectation :)

Nakamura san came back from NY trip this early spring. His experience in abroad must be positively affected to his new works. Very powerful! ( Some of you might know but I need to confess that was not Osaka. Sumimasen. )

Then, few days after, I met a young cute japanese illustrator Pepe.Y at hostel 64. She had stayed with us for a while. 
Pepe-chan has been attracted by printings, letters and paper materials. And the passion lead her to Berlin for craving some special printing techniques (Sorry for my blurry explanation. I am not good enough to describe every detail! Frustrating. ) 
Luckily, She said her Exhibition was just going to start on a day after. So, I was there.

She did a live painting demonstration.

You can check her works till 24th July at Prideli Graphic Lab in shinsaibashi.

And the same day that I met Pepe.Y, I had a chance to talk to Mr, H at our lounge, and knew He does his exhibition “Paper & Mockup” too. Well, I thought I needed to be there definitely!!

It was held at “Graf Fudo” ,2nd floor of the graf bldg. “Graf fudo” is generally running as a café but they have some space for exhibit.

This “Paper & Mockup” is about the material & models. Focus on the material and model of published books. You can see some collection of mockups of book-models (without printing) from some known publishers. So you might find a white model of your favorite book. The exhibition is finishing on 17th June.

Graf is in Nakanoshima, 20~30min walk from hostel64, there is near Kokuritsu kokusai museum. This building has 3 floors, you can buy graf's original products and lots of plants on 1st floor, and eat at Graf fudo 2nd floor, then developing new furniture on the 3rd floor would be nice way to live like edgy Osaka people.

Gallery printz.
Prideli Graphic Lab.

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